Finding the Best Wireless TV Headphones (Top Picks of 2016)

Music or audio system plays a significant role almost in everyone’s lives. Whether we are jogging or strolling along the road, most of us keep on listening music with the headphones. However, it is the wire that is a common part not only to any headphone but also to any electric device.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, several innovations have been made to get rid of those wires. So, many people are now interested in buying wireless headphones for watching TV in bed. If you have traditional types of wired headphones, you may plan to replace that.

What wireless designs of headphones are advantageous?

Sometimes, you perhaps want to watch an interesting program in your TV but cannot do so, as your spouse may get disturbed due to the noise. So, if you do not want to bother your spouse, you have to choose wireless TV headphones. No matter whether you are sitting very close to the TV set or far away from it, you can get clear sound. There is no need to hassle anyone else. Besides, there are some more reasons for choosing such headphones.

Great sound quality

Higher-end infrared headphones, in which, wireless system is used, may generate sound, which is of the same quality as that of any wired headphone.

Remove disorder

The traditional headphones with wires may lead to a mess, and may also cause be a safety risk. Wireless television headphones give you a freedom, as you can find not risk of getting tripped over your long wires.

Listen from particularly source directly

Modern wireless headphones enable the listeners in listening directly from home theater gadgets, without switching to your laptop to enjoy a movie.

Battery Life

It is already said that wireless earphones have rechargeable batteries, and these batteries are likely to possess long battery life, i.e. more than twenty hours.

Reviews of the some best wireless headphones in online store

The wireless headphones for TV are very simple to use as they have a transmitter element that is often referred to as the base unit. You have to plug this unit into the audio device like television set, in the particular slot. Then it passes on the waves to the headset. The headphone runs on batteries that are usually rechargeable. There are some wireless headsets that have the power to enable the user to manage the right volume at the device.

From the online store, you can get the best wireless headphones for TV under $50 or under $100. However, after using those headphones, you can realize that your investment has really given a great value to you. Here, you can find the reviews of some selected headphones that are available in the market.

Sennheiser RS120

Sennheiser RS120 ReviewSennheiser is one of the popular brands, from which you can get the innovative model of RF wireless headphones. With a weight of 8.1 ounces, the device can enclose your ears. An integrated volume control option allows you to turn on the action, whereas the transmitter control helps you to adjust the reception. A minor disadvantage is that the controls are placed adjacent to one another on your right earcup.

There is a transmitter base, which works as the charger of the battery of your headphones. You may keep it close to the components. Only keep in mind that you should connect the transmitter to headphone jack. Moreover, the headphone has AAA NiMH battery that helps you to operate it for twenty hours.


Sony MDRRF985RK reviewSony MDRRF985RK headphone is another model that is intended for all casual users, i.e. the movie fans or the music enthusiasts. The device utilizes 40 MM drivers along with a system to reduce noise. The range of frequency response of the headphone is maximum 22 kHz. The ear cups have padding and there is also a power switch. The entire component has the weight of about 10.59 ounces.

The transmitter that is comprised in the package is very compact and functions flawlessly. It works as the charger also. It makes the wireless structure quite useful.

The particular operating limit of Sony’s wireless headsets has a 150 feet radius. Generally, there is no possibility of any problem in the performance of the tool within the definite radius.

The noise reducing ability of the set of headphone is also somewhat good. You may not get leakages regardless of how shrill sound you prefer. You will never need to be concerned about bothering the people, who are around you. Besides, the life of battery of this headphone set is very good. And you will be competent to take pleasure in your preferred audio entertainment for many hours with no interruption.

Sennheiser RS110

Sennheiser RS110 ReviewSennheiser Over-Ear 926MHz headphone is an entry-level model, which is a perfect choice for all those, who want to toddle around their room at the time of listening to the desired tunes. Such system includes a wireless transmitter (900 MHz) that show an effective signal all over the room or also through the ceilings and walls. If the listeners go upstairs, they may still hear warm sound of the headphones. This headphone is perfect for enjoying late-night television without disturbing the other members of your house. Moreover, as there are soft pads, your comfort will never be reduced even when you use the unit for long hours. Besides, all the parts of the headphone are replaceable, and thus, you do not need to purchase new headphones whenever a part stops working.

Digital Wireless Headphones by by RIF6 TM

Digital Wireless Headphones by RIF6 TMThere is another model of Digital Wireless Headphones, offered by RIF6 TM. With this headphone you can get amazing clear sound. The frequency response of this sound may be between 30HZ and 20KHZ. Here also, you can get wireless transmitter to act as the charging port of the headphone. 2 AAA NiMH batteries are also excellent. The batteries would be recharged automatically while you leave the device on base station.

The 2.4GHz wireless headphones make use of the radio frequency indicators. There is also an extended reception range, (maximum 100ft), for which there is no need to keep the headphone within the transmitter’s line of view. It does not matter whether you use Hi-Fi radio, PC or TV; RIF6 TM’s headphone is perfect for you. Moreover, this is a flexible soft padded headphone, and thus, you can get the maximum comfort. The over-ear design of the earpads is another added advantage.

Some other smart features of this device are the present volume memory, LED Indicator and Low Power Alert.

Types of wireless headphones for TV

Wireless headphones, used for televisions, are quite different from those applied in MP3 players. The four major kinds of wireless headsets are:

  • Bluetooth headphones: These are perfect option for using with mobile handsets that Bluetooth option. However, there are only few TVs that have Bluetooth, and in those televisions, you can use these headphones.
  • Infrared headphones: These are good choice for older televisions. The receiver just caps into a headset plug, and then links to the earpiece. Though it is an excellent choice for older sets of TV, there are some limitations to these headsets.
  • UHF headphones: These offer a quite larger sound range than Infrared headsets and may be applied to listen to tune with no problem. It is a good alternative to be used in case of older tech, which does not have Bluetooth.

Things to consider when purchasing TV headphones

Before choosing any of the above headphones, or the headphones of some other models, you have to consider some points to get the right one.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphoneThe foremost point to consider while buying headphones for TV is how far you may be from your television while using them. You know that there are two major wireless technologies applied in the headphones- one is the infrared while the other one is the RF wireless conduction. Though some models of wireless headphones can work only when it is adjacent to audio point, many headphones enable you to stay in any room of the house. But, you need to have only the logical expectations. The barriers like closed doors or walls may lessen the wireless transmission range to a great extent.

Quality of sound

Sound coloredWith the wireless system, particularly the headphones or headsets, there are some possibility of the obstruction from other gadgets, and it naturally affects the quality of sound. Some of the headphones are equipped with improved wireless connectivity than others. No matter what condition you are in, the sound can be heard clearly. Many headphones produce louder noise than the others. However, when the volume is not loud enough to obstruct the background sound, you must search for a different pair. You may read the reviews if you do not have the chance to test the headphones before buying it.

Find the best audio format

One of the common kinds of audio formats, often applied in films on Blu-Ray and DVD, is Dolby Digital. In order to find the most excellent quality of digital sound from your headphones, you may ensure whether the headphones are compatible. Dolby Digital is such an audio set-up that offers more realistic and clearer sound.

Battery Life

All the wireless headphones for Smart TV are operated with batteries. With the high quality headphone, you can possibly listen to music consistently for more than thirty hours. The headphones of average quality offer the listening time of only twenty to twenty five hours. When the batteries have to be changed, it may eventually increase the overall price of your headphones. Moreover, short listening time may give you some inconvenience because you may be compelled to stop watching the program abruptly. Thus, you have to assess the kind of batteries, which the headphones include, and also consider the long-term expenditures against your primary investment.

Level of your comfort

This is another significant factor, which is needed to be considered, because you are likely to put on the headphones for thirty minutes or one hour or more. When the headphone does not have the required cushioning, the ears may become very tired just after some minutes of your use. The headphones, which are not heavy, sit on your ear in the most comfortable way. Thus, you may look for headphones, which wrap your entire ear and have flexible cushions as well as adaptable head bands.

Charging of the base station

This is the perfect arrangement for your wireless headphones. In fact, base station is placed near the TV, while your headphones are linked to it for charging while these are not used. It makes certain that your headphone is charged all the time and no cash has to be invested for the replacement of the batteries.

Good compatibility

Based on the kind of TV, such as Samsung TV or LG TV, with which the headphones have to be connected, you may think of choosing the digital or analog signal. The televisions may possess both kinds of the connections; however, the headphones possibly have one of the two options. Before buying any wireless headphone, you must make sure that both the gadgets are absolutely compatible with one another.

Some other factors that matter

The level of comfort that can be achieved while using headphones depends greatly on your personal choice. Some users like small-sized on-ear headphones, whereas others want the enveloping style of over-ear headphones. Again, some people choose open-back styles, as they want to stay cool, whereas others wish to have some extra warmth. In addition to it, the size of the users’ head may also be considered. Though many headphone sets are flexible, the users, who have little big heads, find the headphones to be very stiff. As a result, it may cause headache. On the other hand, those, who have small heads, can face the problem of keeping the sets in proper place.

So, it can be concluded that the latest designs of wireless headphones are the best means to listen to TV programs or any music. There is no possibility of annoying others, who are in the surrounding area. Moreover, as these headphones are available in the online stores, you can easily get one at an affordable price.