How to Boost Headphone Volume on PC

Did you ever ask yourself how you could boost headphone volume on PC? Surely, you don’t want to overdo things because listening to sound at high volume for longer periods of time can be damaging to your ears, but sometimes we just find ourselves on a machine and with some programs that would simply need a boost in terms of sound.

Heaphone and PC

Fortunately, there are ways to boost headphone volume on PC, although some require some money. Before you start, one useful thing to check would be the sound drivers of your computer. Making sure everything is up-to-date before you buy anything is always a good idea.


AmplifierSound boosting has been a popular thing on console games and there are products that even claim to enhance your experience. Boostaroo is a company that has been around for many years and that delivers simple solutions when it comes to boosting your headphone volume. The task doesn’t have to be complicated with these kinds of products. There are also some more companies that provide amplifiers for higher prices, but then you also get some advantages into the range and quality of sound you get access to. Different prices and different devices will help you achieve different results. Basically what amplifiers do is boost your headphone volume without sacrificing quality, which is a very important thing. The better the device, the more you can make the volume greater without any sacrifices in quality.

Alternative media players and settings

If you wish to achieve a boost for your music and other media only, which could very likely be the case, you can choose an alternative media player like the VLC media player which could provide you some more reach in terms of sound. The player has a gauge on the right side that shows the percentage of sound volume, and this can be brought up to 200%. This can always make a difference on some PCs. Then, you should definitely check out what your sound card can pull off in terms of adjustments. That will depend on your model and you can generally reach such settings through the control panel in Windows. Within the sound settings of your PC, you should normally be able to see how the different components of your computer get the sound to you. In some cases, you might notice that a component (for instance your speakers or headphones) are underperforming compared to the rest and that you simply need to put things back in balance to get louder sound.