How to Fix “Wi-Fi Limited” Issue on Windows 10

After upgrading to/using windows 10, you’ll usually get the “Wi-Fi limited access” while your Wi-Fi network is still running fine. Here are a few ways to fix it.

Reconfig Wireless Adapter in Power Options

Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog, then type powercfg.cpl >> OK

Reconfig Wireless Adapter step 1

Select Change plan settings for the currently using power plan(ie. Balanced (recommended) in the below example).

Reconfig Wireless Adapter Step 2

Select Change advanced power settings. And find the Wireless Adapter Settings, expand the Wireless Adapter Settings >> Power Saving Mode . Make sure all options here are Maximum Performance.

Reconfig Wireless Adapter Step 3

Click OK to save all changes

Now, test your Wi-Fi connection to see whether the Limited access still exist, if it is, try the follow steps

Set Static IP

Open Network And Sharing Center then select “Change Adapter Setings”.

Set Static IP Step 1

Right click on the current wireless network then choose Properties.

Set Static IP Step 2

Double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Set Static IP Step 3

Select Use the folowing IP address

  • Enter your prefer static IP in IP address (ie
  • Subnet mask should be auto fill with
  • Defaut Gateway will be your modem IP (in this example

Under Use the folowing DNS server addresses

Use Google DNS and

Set Static IP Step 4

Click OK to Finish.

Reinstall Wi-Fi(wireless) driver

Type Device in the Search the web and Window box then choose Device Manager.

Reinstall Wi-Fi Driver Step 1

Then select Network adapters, right click on Driver that has …Wireless… in its name, select Uninstall .

Reinstall Wi-Fi Driver Step 2

After uninstall wireless driver, click on the Scan for hardware changes button to let Windows auto-search for Wi-Fi driver.

Following the Wi-Fi installation procedure, when done, try to reconnect Wi-Fi. If the problem still persisted, try the steps below

Turn pc/laptop off and reset router

If all the above 3 methods are not working, then you could try to reset your wireless router. Most of the routers have a reset button/hole that upon hold for 20s or so will auto-reseted. If you can’t find this, try to disconnect router’s power for 30s then reconnect.

Hopefully your Wi-Fi connection will be restored after above methods. You can also use these methods on Windows 7,8.