How To Fix Your Keyboard

Keyboard is a needed device to input your data. It is rarely broken under normal usage, and whenever it is, mostly due to improper care like letting small things stuck underneath or having liquid poured over… Here are a few ways to fix your keyboard quickly.

Keyboard with liquid poured over

Liquid spilled into keyboard

  • If the amount of liquid is not big, just turn the keyboard upside down to let the liquid sip through. Use a towel to dry it up immediately or a hairdryer if needed.
  • In the case of severe flood, DO NOT press any key as this might lead to damaging keyboard circuit. What you need to do are removing its source of power from the computer, disassembly its case and dry up the inside circuit boards.

Keyboard with cut USB/connecting end

When you pull too hard, mice, … are all the cause of damaging keyboard. If this is the case, you could try to cut out both the split end sides, then reconnect the small color code lines inside. you could even adhere it with a different keyboard’s end as long as the connecting logic (usb/serial) is the same.

Death or stuck keys

This is mostly due to dirt collected underneath each key after a long period of usage. This cause the key to be hard to press or does not respond. In this case, you could remove the individual key to clean by using a flat screwdriver as shown above.

Removing the key with a flat screwdriverCleaning the key