6 Popular Types Of Headphones In The Market

In the present age, the headsets or headphones have become one of the best functional tools for listening to any music or audio files. This has resulted in the high use of various streaming media. So, you can find headphones from a large number of vendors, and new designs of headphones are being introduced very often. Here is a short discussion about the basic types of headphones.

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphoneThese headphones denote the two different kinds of in-ear headsets. The foremost one is generally applied in earbud pattern. These are very small-sized round buds, which are placed in the external ear face towards ear tube. The other one is not much common. Confusingly, these are also referred to as earbuds. The major advantages of in-ear headphones are

  • Earbuds are normally used with handy media players or any such type of devices. These are generally inexpensive. They are expedient to use. Often, the foam pads are added for comfort. However, they may be purchased separately.
  • Some earbuds includes a hook to be placed over your ear, and this can be useful to keep them fixed while exercising.
  • The earbuds with a noise cancelling feature may be made available quite easily. These are generally quite cheap. In contrast to the standard earbuds, these are more helpful at protecting the user from the noise of the external world. These are perfect at isolating low frequency noises from the background.


  • Some earbuds cannot be fitted into the ear properly, and thus, the users sometimes find them uncomfortable.
  • Canal earbuds are likely to be more expensive. The higher quality customized IEMS may be extremely pricey.
  • Noise cancelling headphones need batteries in order to be operated. In addition to it, the quality of audio as well as noise isolation may differ.

Over-ear headphones

Over-Ear headphoneThe next type is headset is the over-ear headphone. Over-ear headphones with closed back may lead to a remote audio setting. These headphones include an audio seal near the edge of the earcup. Rear part of this cup does not venting; thus, it is sound-resistant. The sturdy cup blended with some acoustic sound-resistant seal keeps away all external sounds that may penetrate your headphones. It also helps in keeping the internal sounds completely intact. Moreover, these kinds of over-ear headphones obstruct the sound across any frequencies. Thus, they are highly popular among the users. They are perfect for an extensive variety of purposes. For instance, the students, who want to focus on an audio instruction without disturbance, can use it. The commuters may also avoid the sound of train.

On the other hand, over-ear headphones with open back include ear cups, which look same as that of the closed back models. However, the quality of audio in open back headsets is better that closed back models.

There are a number of cons of these headphones

  • Some over-ear headphones cause the sound to echo back to your ear
  • Does not have acoustic cover and thus helps the external noises to penetrate, leading to a disruption

On ear Headphone styles

On-Ear headphoneThese on-ear headphones can be placed on your ear instead of being put into your ear. Here, the pads are fixed on the external ear. On the basis of kind of material and the amount of stuff applied to the pads determine the lesser or the greater level of comfort or isolation of noise.

Though such style is preferred by most of the wearers, it is not unusual for some users to feel some tiredness after using it for extensive periods.

Noise cancelling headphone

It is another model that is chosen by several people. Many people think of whether they can truly mute the external world and can concentrate only on the important issues. It is essential to recognize the good and bad aspects of noise-cancelling devices prior to purchasing them.


Noise cancelling headphone

  • Many customers are pleased to find that these headsets can obstruct the external sounds.
  • Some song is, in fact, needed to be listened by the users at some high volume. However, most of the tunes are much richer while they are run at a more than normal volume. The level of volume on the music may be lowered to a more pleasant or better level. Thus, the noise-cancelling headsets enable users in adjusting the volume and then hear the preferred richness in music.
  • It is a good fact for those people, who wish to maintain the health of their ear.
  • For those, who travel on airplanes or commuter trains, there is a need for blocking the external noise in order to read or sleep. These crowded environments may be noisy. Noise-cancelling headsets enable these travelers to spend their time properly.


  • Noise-cancelling headphones have comparatively higher costs.
  • The internal elements of a noise-cancelling headphone set utilize a significant level of power. Such sets are usually little weightier than headphones, which don’t hold their individual power supply.

Wireless and wired headphones

Wired headphoneThe headphones can again be categorized as the wired and the wireless category. Nowadays, many people go for the wireless headphones, due to the convenience but still there are many users, who are likely to stick to the traditional style of the wired headphones because of some unique reasons. If we can compare these two kinds of the headphones, we can understand their features.


The headsets that have cord may not face any obstruction from some other regularly applied wireless handsets. A Bluetooth gadget or Wi-Fi connectivity can lead to the interference with the wireless headphone. Such interference can cause cutouts, irregular cracking, and some other audio troubles. So, here, the wired systems are better.

Ease Of using the device

Wireless headphoneWireless headphones need more arrangements. Usually, you will have to go through a user manual for determining how to synchronize the Bluetooth earphones and discover the pairing technique applied by your gadgets. In case of the Bluetooth headphones also, you need to be familiar with all the volume controls of your headset.

Wired headphones present a plug-and-play system, which the controls may be seen in small control board, which droops from the wire.

Multiple connection systems

Wireless headsets are competent to link to more than one source when they are coupled with such gadgets. For instance, you may response to your business call on the headphones and reply to the personal gadget’s call. If there is Bluetooth and if the headphone is synced to the device initially, there is, however, no need of pairing your gadget when a call is answered.

On the other hand, the wired headphones have to be unplugged rightly from a particular gadget and gain capped to the next. Though special cord connections are accessible for headphones, your devices have to be placed closely to apply them just one after another.

Deployment charge

Wired headsets usually are cheaper than the wireless ones, and you do not need to depend on any wireless signal. Thus, in a business environment, investing more for some wireless headphone is a very poor option if the mobility is not much necessary.

So, all the available headphones in the market can be classified into the above categories, and you can buy one of them as per your individual preference.